A sad farewell to a special lady

We support many people of an older age at Marmalade Trust, some of which sadly pass away.  Each person takes a place in our hearts, but today I wanted to mention a very special lady, Freda Froom, who sadly passed away on 2nd April 2018.

I met Freda many years ago whilst volunteering.  She was very isolated and frequently spoke of how lonely she was. I was saddened to hear she would be alone again on Christmas Day in 2013, so decided to take her out to a restaurant.  Freda was our first guest and the reason I set up Marmalade Trust.  She was a regular guest at all our events and I was lucky enough to spend the last five Christmas Days with her.

In her last few days, she spoke very fondly of the friendship she had felt in the last six years and how happy that had made her.  She had met a lovely friend through the tea parties, who she frequently met for coffee and trips to the zoo. She had also begun reading books to children in a local nursery.  On her birthday last year Freda told me that she had the most amount of birthday cards she had ever had in her life – she was tearful with happiness at the thought of having so many friendships. Freda showed how it is never too late in life to meet new people, and that there are always communities out there, no matter how lonely you feel.

Freda was a wonderful kind person, who I shall miss very much.  She will always remain in our thoughts and I hope that Marmalade Trust will continue to grow in her honour. Her funeral will take place in May. If you would like to attend please email info@marmaladetrust.org for more information. We will also be holding a celebration of Freda’s life in the summer, where we will welcome guests and supporters, old and new, to come along and make friends and continue Freda’s wonderful legacy. We will provide further details about this soon.

You can see our lovely Freda here, when she was filmed as part of our 2017 Loneliness Awareness Week https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjH57h6nLAQ&t=24s.

With best wishes

Founder, Marmalade Trust

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