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Here at Marmalade Trust, we support those whose health and wellbeing is being affected by loneliness. Our aim is to find people who are the most isolated and vulnerable to loneliness. We’ve found that those people who are alone on Christmas Day are likely to experience loneliness during the rest of the year. We run our Christmas Day Dinners to provide company to people who would otherwise be on their own and we aim to support those people back into social contact throughout the rest of the year.

How to Become a Guest


At Marmalade Trust, we know that loneliness can affect anyone, which is why we’re here to provide support and friendship.

If you live in Bristol or South Gloucestershire and you will be on your own on Christmas day, then you could come along to one of our special free Christmas day lunches.

How it works

  • Once you decide to come, you will be given the name of a lovely Marmalade volunteer who will call you regularly and arrange everything to do with the day.
  • In December, we will telephone you again to find out what you would like to eat and arrange what time to pick you up from your home.
  • On Christmas day one of our volunteer drivers will pick you up from your home, and take you in their car to a local pub or restaurant where you will enjoy a Christmas day lunch with our other guests.
  • At the end of the meal, they will drive you home again.

Our lunches are held at local restaurants and pubs, with a group of friendly volunteers. It’s a lovely way for you to meet new people, enjoy some company and a free Christmas day lunch. We keep the groups small and friendly.

Call or text us on: 07566 244788

Email us on:

Write to us at: Amy Perrin, Marmalade Trust, c/o Entrepreneurial Spark, RBS Building, Avon Street, Trinity Quay, Bristol BS2 0PT

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What our previous guests have said:

This is what Sue one of our volunteers has to say:

I love getting into the Christmas spirit and since my kids have left home, I love sharing it with others.  Last year, I got matched with Irene who lived close to me, she was a little nervous about coming out with strangers on Christmas day – and I totally understand that.  I called her weekly during December to find out what she wanted to eat and arrange what time I would collect her. We both got very excited about spending the day together.

On Christmas day, I picked Irene up at 11.30, we had a nice drive over to the restaurant and arrived at 12pm.  Irene and I hadn’t met anyone else before, so we were both a bit nervous. We were greeted by lots of welcoming faces – wishing us a happy Christmas, taking our coats and finding us a seat.

Before we knew it, it was 2.30pm and time to leave.  I took Irene home – a very full and happy lady!”

“Everything was lovely and the helpers so nice and friendly and helpful. I also liked the size of the group and the nice people” – Elizabeth

“Everything was excellent.” – Reg