Thanks to all our supporters

Marmalade Trust would not exist without all the incredible support from our amazing volunteers.  From driving our guests to raising money, they really make it all happen.


We like to invite all of our guests to our events as friends, and so we cover all the costs of our events, which can be quite high on Christmas day. We’d like to extend a huge thanks to all of our volunteers who fundraised throughout 2015.

Knowle Clinic:

Knowle Clinic

“The therapy team based at Knowle Clinic jumped at the chance to raise funds for Marmalade, mainly because we see first-hand the impact of loneliness on the patients we visit. For years we have had to listen to people discuss being on their own at the build up to Christmas Day with limited options to be able to offer to help, Marmalade Trust means we can give them hope of company.

People brought in raffle prizes, as well as piles of homemade decorations and approx £300 was raised, alongside a significant number of referrals for those who were identified as being alone on Christmas Day when they would prefer not to be”.

– Rhiannon and the team at Bristol Community Health Knowle Clinic

Making Gifts

Issy & her mum

Lucy and Isabelle, a mother and daughter team, made some delicious home-made treats for our guest’s hampers.

“We thoroughly enjoyed volunteering for Marmalade Trust and creating something that can go into the hampers”.

Issy says…

“I just wanted to help in some way and i love cooking. When i saw Amy on the TV at Christmas with the hampers that I’d helped to make and the people who were going to receive them, it made me feel happy and excited”.

Carol Singing

A huge thank you to Knowle Hockey Club and Peelers carol singing, who held a raffle and hockey tournament.

Gifts in Memory

We’d like to extend a special thanks to the family of Hugh Forbes, who so kindly donated to Marmalade Trust in his loving memory.

Hugh Forbes