Let's Talk Loneliness.

At Marmalade Trust, we're
dedicated to recognising loneliness and helping people make new friendships.

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At Marmalade Trust, we’re lucky to have had so many incredible people work with us over the years 🧡 But this week we need to wish a very 'best of luck' and a fond farewell to our lovely Natalie who is off to commence some new studies. We will miss you!

As this scorching #heatwave continues, make sure you’re looking out for the vulnerable people in your life. 🧡
Plenty of water, loose and comfortable clothes and keeping out of the sun during the middle of the day should help!

Our guest blogger, Rachel, sends weekly emails and blog posts to start meaningful conversations and encourage more and more people to talk about loneliness. Well done Rachel! 👏 👏 Read more below ⬇️ #LetsTalkLoneliness https://marmaladetrust.org/tackling-loneliness-one-email-at-a-time/

A new report from Campaign to End Loneliness suggests psychological approaches like mindfulness to help with feelings of loneliness by breaking the downward spiral of negative thoughts and social withdrawal behaviours. https://www.campaigntoendloneliness.org/blog/the-psychology-of-loneliness-why-it-matters-and-what-we-can-do/

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